Why Does My Cannabis Smell Like Hay

Cannabis typically has a very distinct and recognizable smell. It usually has a noticeable earthy, woody, and herbal smell. But we will get messages once in a while from beginner growers who will ask us “why does my cannabis smell like hay?”. If your grow process doesn’t go right, it is possible to get strains that don’t smell right. In this article we will talk about why cannabis may smell like hay or grass and how to avoid this next time you are growing.

cannabis smells like hay

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Let’s learn why your cannabis smells like hay or grass!

Why Does My Cannabis Smell Like Hay or Grass?

It is possible for cannabis to smell like hay if it isn’t grown correctly. Typically, the smell of hay or grass comes from the chlorophyll of the cannabis. Chlorophyll is used by cannabis as well as other plants to create food in order to grow. This creation of chlorophyll is a natural part of the growing process and is required in order for cannabis to germinate and grow. It is possible that this smell will go away as the cannabis ages and finished the growing process, but there are other causes that can produce this smell. 

One of the most common reasons that your cannabis has a weird smell is that you aren’t using high quality seeds. We recommend you only buy cannabis seeds from high quality seed banks. We recommend you read our best autoflower seed bank article. We will also briefly describe our recommended seed banks below.

If you want to make sure that your cannabis grows well and doesn’t have a weird smell, we recommend buying cannabis seeds from either ILoveGrowingMarijuana or Crop Kings Seeds.

ILGM is one of the most well known seed banks and is actually one of the only seed banks that accept PayPal and also accept Prepaid Visa cards.

Crop King Seeds is known for providing high quality cannabis seeds and offers users the chance to buy cannabis seeds with Cash App or buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin.

Read our best seed banks guide for more information!

These are the two seed banks we recommend in order to have an amazing growing process and to end up with incredibly high quality strains.

Is My Cannabis Ruined If It Smells Like Hay?

If you have noticed that your marijuana smells like hay or smells like dry grass then it might not be too late. There is a chance that the smell will never go away but there is also a chance that this smell is just a part of the chlorophyll process that will go away as the plant continues to grow. We have seen cannabis smell like hay during the growing process but as the plant ages, this smell goes away completely. We recommend you review the age of your grow and if the plant is still young or hasn’t hit its adulthood, then we recommend you wait for the smell to go away. If your cannabis is fully grown and still smells like hay then we recommend reading the section below.

Should I Consume Cannabis That Smells Like Hay?

If your cannabis smells like hay then it is either because it is low quality seeds, it isn’t finished growing, or it has excess chlorophyll. If your cannabis is fully grown and smells like hay it is still possible to smoke or consume it. If it has a weird smell we may recommend that you don’t consume it, but typically it will still be fine. It is important to note that the smell will typically mean that the overall flavor and experience will be drastically compromised. We recommend you do this on your own discretion. 

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