How To Smell Proof Your Grow Tent

A grow tent can be a vital piece of growing equipment to help improve the success and entire process of growing cannabis seeds. Unfortunately, most grow tents are very smell proof. This is why we decided to put together the entire guide on how to smell proof your grow tent. Improve your growing process!

how to smell proof your grow tent

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Let’s learn how to make your grow tent smell proof and how to eliminate the odor!

Are Grow Tents Smell Proof?

Grow tents are not smell proof. Well, grow tents aren’t 100% smell proof which means that the grow tent may help to conceal some of the smell of your flowering plants, it won’t make the smell unnoticeable. Many beginners who have never used a grow tent will assume that the tent will make it impossible to smell the flowering plants from outside the tent. However, this isn’t accurate.

Grow tents are great for improving the quality of consistency of your cannabis seeds growth, but they struggle to make it completely smell proof. But don’t worry! It is possible to make your grow tent more smell proof and to also improve the quality of your plants at the same time.

What Makes The Smell In A Grow Tent Worse?

Everyone understands that growing cannabis seeds can create a strong smell from the plants flowering. There are a handful of factors that can make your grow tent smell even worse. The first factor to keep an eye out for is high humidity within the grow tent. High moisture and humidity levels can drastically increase the overall smell of the growing process and if left unchecked can damage the health of the plants.

It is important to consistently evaluate the humidity levels to make sure they are within the recommended range for each individual strain. oFor example, if you are looking for one of the best outdoor strains for New England there will be a different recommended humidity level compared to growing an indoor strain that originates from a warmer climate. The humidity and moisture levels play a big part in the health of your plants but also the amount of smell they produce.

Another factor to keep an eye on is the average temperature within your grow tent. If a grow tent gets hotter than it is supposed to then it has potential to damage your plants but will also increase the overall smell of the grow tent. If you are looking to smell proof your grow tent, make sure the temperature stays within the recommended range and doesn’t go unregulated.

How To Smell Proof Your Grow Tent

It can be difficult to completely smell proof your grow tent as part of the photosynthesis process requires regular ventilation of air. The old air in the grow tent must be ventilated out and new air must be able to come in. But there are multiple different techniques and improvements that can be made to make your grow tent more smell proof. Use the recommendations below to improve the smell of your grow tent.

Use A High Quality Carbon Filter

A carbon filter can help to drastically improve the smell of your grow tent. They are typically used in tandem with an inline fan but can also be used by themself to help filter the smell of marijuana out of the air.

There are many different carbon filters on the market that range in price. But if you are serious about smell proofing your grow tent then it is important to get a high quality carbon filter for the best results. Depending on the size of your grow tent will impact which carbon filter and what size of carbon filter is the best fit for your tent.

Use A Smoke Absorbing Gel

Not many beginner growers have ever heard of a smoke absorbing gel but they can make a drastic improvement to the overall smell of your grow room. Depending on how large your grow tent is and how many plants you are growing will dictate how much smoke absorbing gel you will need to use.

Smoke absorbing gel can make a drastic improvement on the smell of your grow room and it is recommended as one of the easiest options of making your grow tent smell proof because of how simple the gel is to use.

Control Humidity and Temperature

In the beginning of this article we talked about how humidity and temperature can play a huge role on the smell of your grow tent. It is vital that you maintain the recommended levels of humidity, moisture, and temperature or your risk damaging your flowers as well as having unnecessary smell.

The humidity and temperature levels will vary depending on what kind of seeds you are using and what kind of strain it is. Each strain can differ so it is important that you set up the best climate possible for your seeds.

Improve Ventilation Exhaust

Growing marijuana plants requires good ventilation and circulation of air. It is important that you plan how you will direct the air flow within your grow tent or grow room. If you completely seal up your grow tent there wont be any circulation of air and this can cause issues to the health of your plants because the air isn’t able to circulate.

It is important to plan out your ventilation system to make sure that your plants are receiving ventilated air and aren’t completely sealed in. By using carbon filters and inline fans you can create a ventilation and air flow system that your flowers will love!

Final Thoughts On How To Smell Proof Your Grow Tent

Smell proofing your grow tent can be difficult if you are a beginner, but it will prove to be vital. By using the technqiues mentioned above you will be able to smell proof your grow room or grow tent but you will also be able to improve the success and health of your plants.

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