I49 Seed Bank Review 2024 – Legit Seed Bank?

Is I49 Seed Bank trustworthy and reliable? Our complete I49 Seeds review will answer all of your questions about the company’s history, product offerings, and customer reviews. You can read our best seed banks article to find the perfect option for your needs!

I49 USA Seeds Reviews

Is I49 Seed Bank the best option for your cannabis growing needs? In this article we will take a deep dive into the brand as well as reference our recommended seed bank alternatives.

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Table of Contents

Who Is I49 Seed Bank?

I49 Seed Bank is one of the most popular seed banks in the world that is battling to compete with the largest cannabis seed banks in the industry. They have continued to grow in popularity and quality in recent years but they aren’t quite as popular as other seed banks such as ILGM or Crop King Seeds. The team is founded by experienced cannabis farmers who have a passion for selling the highest quality seeds on the market.

In this review we will take a look at the companies history, the quality of their seeds, their shipping policy, as well as customer reviews of I49 Seed Bank.

I49 Seeds History & Reputation

I49 Seed Bank was founded many years ago in Los Angeles, California by cannabis enthusiasts. The team weren’t satisfied with the quality of cannabis seeds available to them so they decided to open up their own cannabis seed bank. Customer reviews of I49 Seed Bank have varied of the years but we have seen many customers satisified with their seeds. If you are looking to purchase the highest quality cannabis seeds available, we recommend shopping from the alternative seed banks that we listed in the above section.

In the rest of this article we will be reviewing I49 seeds to help you understand if they are a good seed bank for you. You can check out our list of the best autoflower seed bank.

I49 Seeds Quality Review

I49 has many different cannabis seeds for sale on their websites so our team attempted to test as many different seeds as we could. We found that the average seed quality is pretty good but not as good as the seed bank alternatives that we listed above. We believe most users will be satisifed with the quality of the seeds they order from I49 but we have found that the germination and growth success rates to be slightly lower to competitors. For the plants that do sprout, we found that the overall yield is slightly lower to other competitors. This means you will probably grow less cannabis per seed compared to other seed banks that we have tested.

80% Germination Guarantee From I49 Seed Bank

Despite the fact that i49 seeds may have problems with their genetics, 80% of customers are covered by a germination guarantee. This indicates that if your seeds don’t sprout, you’ll get extra new seeds to make up for the difference. The new seed sent will come from a different strain than the one you had trouble with in an effort to make sure that your strain actually sprouts this time. Many seed banks don’t offer a germination guarantee so it is nice to see that I49 Seed Bank does.

However, there are a few vital facts to bear in mind regarding i49’s germination guarantee. This warranty only applies to seeds produced by i49, not any bonus seeds or third party seeds. You must follow the instructions provided in the online guide accessible on i49’s website when following the same germination technique outlined therein. If you encounter difficulties with your seeds, fill out the reshipment request form on I49’s website within a 90-day period and begin the replacement procedure. Customers who are perceived to be unkind to i49 employees will be denied seed reshipments, according to i49’s germination warranty.

I49 Cannabis Seeds Selection Review

I49 Seed Bank offers a wide variety of different seeds and strains. When our team was reviewing I49 we saw that they offered over 400 different cannabis seeds on their website and it seems like they continue to offer new strains. This means that if they don’t have your favorite strain, then they will probably offer it in the near future. We have even heard from customer reviews of I49 Seed Bank that you can reach out to their customer service team and ask them to offer different marijuana seeds.

I49 Seeds Customer Service Review

One of the most important things to consider when looking at a seed bank is to review the quality of their customer service. The customer service department will help you through the entire cannabis seeds buying process. Our experience with the I49 Seed Bank customer service review team was positive. We ordered many different seeds and had one issue with a package being delayed in the shipping process.

We reached out to the customer service team at I49 and they were very helpful with sorting out the tracking issue and even offered to send us a brand new package free of charge. We think this part of a review is incredibly important because many of our readers will probably end up with some sort of issue at some point in time so we want to make sure the customer service team will be there to help. We have even heard that the customer service team at I49 has helped customer buy cannabis seeds with Mastercard as well as buy cannabis seeds with Cash App even though the website doesn’t specifically allow users to do so. This shows that the customer service department is willing to help in anyway possible.

No Return Policy For Cannabis Seeds

Outside of the germination guarantee, i49 seed bank purchases are final with no return policy for unused seeds. The purpose for this policy is to prevent resale of previously returned seeds to new customers. But it implies that shoppers should double-check they have the correct seeds in their shopping basket before paying.

Payment Methods Accepted By I49 Seed Bank

The I49 team accepts a number of payment options, including money order, check, bitcoin, wire transfer, ACH, and some credit cards. The I49 website charges a $9 convenience fee for ACH payments; however, it is not mentioned at the checkout screen where this difference comes from. This fee is shown as a “discount” line item which can be confusing for some new customers.

Higher Than Average Seed Prices

When compared to other similar seed banks, i49’s prices per seed are excessive and higher than average, and discount coupons are hard to come by. I49 currently does not have a loyalty program in place or offer regular sale prices or coupon codes, unlike many other well-known seed banks.

i49 has given buyers the pleasant surprise of receiving extra seeds with their orders. However, this seed bank does not currently have a policy in place that specifies how many bonus seeds customers may anticipate to receive for a specific order quantity. This means it is possible to receive extra seeds with your purchase from their website but it isn’t guaranteed and it seems to be randomly given.

Wholesale Buying Discounts

The option to buy wholesale from i49 is accessible to cannabis industry firms or individuals who wish to purchase huge quantities of feminized cannabis seeds. I49’s wholesale cannabis seed clients may get free delivery, no charged sales tax, and assistance from a dedicated account manager. The amount of support and discount you get will most likely depend on how large of an order you plan on placing as well as the relationship of the partnership.

I49 Seed Bank Reviews From Customers

Our team has had a pretty good experience buying and growing seeds from I49 Seed Bank but it is vital that we look at customer reviews of I49. This allows us to get a better idea of the overall opinion of the brand compared to just our opinion. We took a look at I49 Seed Bank reviews by customers below to show you what the average customer has to say about I49 Seed Bank.

customer review of I49 seed bank
A customer review of I49 by customer David. David complained that the delivery took about 2 weeks which is slower than other seed banks.
I49 seed bank reviews
Eric enjoyed his experience of buying cannabis seeds from I49 but there was some confusion between the special deals offered by the seed bank.

As you can see from the customer reviews above, the service they received was pretty good but most customers had a small complaint here or there. This seems to be accurate with our teams review of I49. We think you will have a pretty good experience with I49 but you will probably receive better results by buying from a seed bank such as ILGM or Crop Kings.

I49 Shipping Policy Review

I49 currently only provides seeds to people in the United States. This is excellent news for US-based buyers who won’t have to worry about their seeds being seized by customs, but it’s bad news for those outside of the country because there are no international shipping options. Seeds from I49 are delivered through USPS from its Los Angeles headquarters.

Be prepared to wait a long time. If you order through the I49 website, your goods will be sent out in two weeks. Depending on when you place your order, it may arrive swiftly or take several weeks. Seeds have also taken a month or longer to arrive in some cases. There have been numerous complaints about missing seeds — and no refund in most cases. Other reputable seeds banks will typically ship you your seeds within a few days.

For the sake of discretion, i49 always sends seeds in unmarked, unmarked packaging with no indication of cannabis-related contents. While the packaging may be somewhat stealthy, it isn’t necessarily the most long-lasting because many customers have had the unpleasant experience of finding their seeds inside crushed or damaged.

Is I49 Seed Bank Legit?

I49 Seed Bank is a legit cannabis seed bank that sells good quality seeds. They also ship their seeds all across the world and have provided thousands of customers with their products.

The important thing to understand is that although I49 is a legit seed bank, there are a few other seed banks that provide a better overall customer experience. Seed banks such as ILGM, Crop Kings, or Seedsman provide higher quality seeds at a lower price, provide faster shipping times, and also have a better customer service experience compared to I49. We believe I49 will typically provide an above average customer experience but we will typically recommend other seed banks as the best option.

I49 Seed Bank Review Conclusion

I49 Seed Bank provides a wide selection of different cannabis seeds and offers a good customer service across the entire buying process. They don’t offer the highest quality seeds and don’t accept Zelle and don’t accept Venmo but we think that they are a good seed bank at the end of the day. We think you will enjoy buying seeds from I49 but we still highly recommend a few alternative seed banks for the best possible experience.

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