Gorilla Seeds Review 2024 – Legit Seed Bank?

Gorilla Seeds is one of the fastest growing cannabis seed banks in the world but they have received some bad press in the past. In this Gorilla Seeds review we will look at the company history, the quality of seeds, the shipping times, and more. We just recently featured Gorilla Seed Bank on our Best Seed Banks article. Let’s dive deeper into the company.

gorilla seed bank

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Who Is Gorilla Seeds

Gorilla Seeds was created in 2011 in the United Kingdom but have since grown into an international brand. The company was founded with the hope of creating the highest quality cannabis seed banks in the world. However, since they are still a young company, they are still perfecting their product line.

The founder of Gorilla Seed Bank, Alex, was fed up with the low quality cannabis seeds being sold in the UK during the 2010 time period. He decided to travel around Europe and find the source of the highest quality cannabis seeds. This is when Gorilla Seeds was founded.

Gorilla Seeds Strain Selection

Gorilla Seed bank provides hundreds of different cannabis strains and seeds to their customers. Gorilla Seeds sells autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, medical strains, and more.

Below are a few of the most popular cannabis strains that are sold by Gorilla Seeds:

  • White Widow
  • Northern Lights
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • AK47 Seeds
  • Pickled Diesel
  • Blackberry
  • Nicole Cream
  • California Snow
  • Sour Diesel
  • Super Skunk

Gorilla Seeds sells hundreds of different cannabis seeds so you will be able to find any type of cannabis strain that you are looking for.

Gorilla Seeds Review: Seed Quality

Cannabis seed quality is one of the most important things to look at when looking for a cannabis seed bank as this will dictate the success of your grow. We were happy with the quality of cannabis seeds from Gorilla Seeds but we believe there are a few seed banks on the market with even better product quality. We rate Gorilla Seeds quality a 7/10 because it is satisfactory but there are a few better alternatives.

Seed Banks With Better Seed Quality

If you are looking for a cannabis seed bank with the highest possible seed quality then we recommend you read through the reviews of the best top seed bank articles.

Gorilla Seeds Shipping Policy

One of the big benefits of buying cannabis seeds from Gorilla Seed Bank is that they provide worldwide shipping to their customers. If you live in the United Kingdom or in Europe you can expect incredibly fast shipping times. The issue comes when you are ordering cannabis seeds from North America because the shipping time is really slow.

Gorilla Seed Bank currently doesn’t have an office in North America so there shipping times to countries outside of Europe are much slower than other seed banks. Gorilla Seeds will ship your cannabis seeds in a discrete package which is great for customers.

Gorilla Seeds Review: Customer Service

The customer service team at Gorilla Seeds are incredible! They have great reviews from customers and have provided their customers with a great experience and fix and problems that happen. Their customer serivce team will help. you resolve any missing packages or other issues with ease.

We also love that Gorilla Seeds provides users the ability to pay with multiple different payment methods other than just the traditional forms of payments. They are one of the few seed banks that accept PayPal but they also accept Zelle, Bitcoin, Cash App, and other unique forms of payment.

Gorilla Seed Bank Review: Final Verdict

Gorilla Seeds is a great cannabis seed bank that will provide users in the UK and Europe fast shipping times. We believe there are a few better seed banks for those who live in North America but we believe you will be happy with Gorilla Seeds if you decide to buy from them.

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