gelato seeds review

Gelato Seeds Review – Buying From

Gelato Seeds or is a cannabis seed bank that was founded in Los Angeles, California but isn’t as well known as other popular cannabis seeds banks. They are much smaller compared to some of the best seed banks in the world but in this article, we will be reviewing the brand to help you know if they are legit and reputable.

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Who Is Gelato Seeds?

Gelato Seeds or is a less known cannabis seed bank that is based out of Los Angeles, California. They are not as popular or well-known as some of the other, more reputable cannabis seed banks but they do claim to sell high-quality cannabis seeds.

Gelato Seeds is a smaller bank in comparison to some of the bigger names in the industry but that doesn’t mean that their seeds aren’t any good. In fact, during our review, we purchased a few cannabis seeds from Gelato Seeds and found that the seeds are pretty good. We don’t believe they are a better seed bank compared to the large brands in the industry such as ILGM, Crop King Seeds, or Seedsman, but they are legit.

Gelato Seeds Review: Strain Selection

Gelato Seeds sells a wide variety of different cannabis strains. This is a good thing because it means that there is likely a strain for everyone. However, some of the strains are only available in a feminized form which can be limiting for some growers.

When looking through the Gelato Seeds catalog, we found many popular strains such as Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, White Widow, and a few other classic cannabis strains. They also provided a handful of less popular cannabis strains.

One thing we really liked about Gelato Seeds was their section on CBD strains. They had a few different CBD-rich strains which are great for people who are looking to use cannabis for medical reasons.

We also found that they offered a good selection of autoflowering strains, which is great for beginner growers.

Cannabis Seeds Available From

When looking at the cannabis seeds that are available from we notice that they sell a handful of different seeds but don’t have as large of a selection compared to other seed banks.

However, they do have a good variety of both popular and less popular cannabis seeds. One thing we really liked about Gelato Seeds was their section of classic cannabis seeds. These are really popular strains that most growers have heard of before or have even grown before. We wish they sold a wider range of cannabis seeds compared to just a handful of different strains and styles.

Are Gelato Seeds A Legit Cannabis Seed Bank?

Yes, Gelato Seeds is a legit cannabis seed bank but we believe you are better off buying cannabis seeds from a higher quality seed bank. Other seed banks will provide a larger selection of seeds, higher-quality strains, will provide better customer service, and will provide a better deal.

Gelato Seeds is a legit seed bank and you should receive the products you order in a reasonable time but we believe you should take a look at other seed banks for a better experience.