Crop King Seeds Review 2024 – Legit Seed Bank?

Crop King Seeds is one of the largest and most respected seed banks in the world and in this article we will be performing a complete Crop King Seeds review so you have a better understanding of the company. Let’s take a look at Crop King Seeds and help you understand who they are, and if they are the best choice for your next growing season.

crop king seeds reviews

Who Is Crop King Seeds?

Crop King Seeds is one of the most popular online seed banks that ships cannabis seeds all across the world but they also have over 200 stores in Canada! The company was founded in the early 2000’s but was forced to pause production because of the cannabis legality issues of the early 2000’s. They started production up again a few years later and have grown by tremendous margins over the past 10 years. Crop Kings was actually ranked #2 on our list of the best seed banks that ship to the U.S!

Crop King Seeds have been one of the fastest growing Canadian seed banks and looks to completely dominate the Canadian market for cannabis seeds. Even though they are based in Canada, Crop King Seeds has grown in popularity all across the world, especially in the United States, because of their great shipping program. They are able to ship cannabis seeds all across the world in order to expand their marketshare and dominate the online seed bank space.

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Cannabis Seed Selection - Crop King Seeds Review

Crop King Seeds has a moderate size of cannabis seed selection compared to competing seeds banks. They don’t have the largest seed selection, but they also don’t have the smallest seed selection. During our Crop King Seeds review we noticed that Crop King typically will only sell the most potent strains and the seeds that have the highest germination rate. This is a great thing for customers as this means that Crop King Seeds wants to only provide the best cannabis seeds for their customers. Below we have listed our favorite seeds from Crop King Seeds:

Our Favorite Seeds From Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds provides many different strains but below are a few of our favorite seeds:

Crop King Seeds offers many different cannabis seeds other than the strains listed above, so if you don’t see you favorite on our list, feel free to go check out their website. They have the perfect strain for everyone!

Crop King Seeds Quality Level Review

Seed quality is one of the most important things to review when you are looking at different seed banks. We already discussed that Crop King Seeds doesn’t have the largest supply of different cannabis seeds, but the seeds that they do sell are all very high quality.

They specialize in providing the highest quality seeds possible. During our complete Crop King Seeds review we tested a wide variety of different seeds to get a measure of the overall seed quality. We absolutely loved how the quality of seeds that Crop King Seeds offers. Crop King Seeds offers autoflower seeds as well as feminized seeds in order to provide their customers with everything they will need.

Crop King Seeds Autoflower

Crop King Seeds offers autoflower seeds that are easier for beginner growers or for those who don’t have the time to tend to every aspect of their grow. Autoflower seeds are typically much easier for beginners and make the entire growing process easier compared to feminized seeds. But autoflower seeds typically won’t offer as high of a yield compared to feminized seeds. We absolutely loved the autoflower seeds we bought from Crop King Seeds.

Crop King Seeds Feminized

Along with autoflower seeds, Crop King Seeds also offers feminized cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds will typically require a little more experience to grow them but will offer a higher yield compared to autoflower seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds will only produce female plants which leads to a higher cannabis yield. The feminized seeds we tested from Crop King Seeds were high quality and provided a great growing experience. If you are looking for a high yield grow and want to be able to customize your grow then feminized seeds are a great option.

Crop King Seeds Shipping Policy Review

Unlike, other seed banks on the market, Crop King Seeds offers worldwide shipping! Most seed banks will only ship to the country they are based out of but Crop King Seeds is based out of Canada and is able to ship cannabis seeds all across the world. They offer completly free worldwide shipping if you order $200 worth of cannabis seeds. We highly recommend this method as you will be able to stock up on high quality cannabis seeds and save money!

Crop King Seeds highly recommends using express registered shipping as this will provide very fast shipping times all across the world but will also offer customers a package tracking system. This is a great feature for customers as they will have a better understanding of when their cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds will arrive but will also be able to accurately track their package.

Crop King Seeds uses the express shipping offering to add in a guaranteed delivery promise for their customers. This means that if you order seeds from Crop King Seeds you are guaranteed to receive your products. So if your package gets lost in transit, Crop King Seeds will send you a completely new package! This shows that they really care about their customers.

Crop King Seeds Reviews From Customers

Our team has used Crop King Seeds for many years but in order to get a better understanding of their overall service offerings, we looked at Crop King Seeds reviews by past customers. Below are a few of the customer reviews of Crop King Seeds that we saw online:

crop king seeds customer reviews
crop king seeds reviews
customer reviews crop king seeds

As you can tell from the above Crop King Seeds reviews from customers, the overall reviews are very positive of Crop King Seeds. We believe you will have a great experience buying cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds.

Crop King Seeds Customer Service Review

Customer service is one of the most important things for an online seed bank because the cannabis industry is filled with unreputable websites. This makes our review of Crop King Seeds customer service even more important. We interacted with their customer service team personally, as well as looked at customer Crop King Seeds Reviews to get a better understanding of the quality of their customer service team.

During our reviews, we could instantly tell that Crop King Seeds cares about their customers because of all the effort they have made to make customer service as great as possible. There are multiple ways to get in contact with the Crop King Seeds customer serivce team. You can message them directly on the website with their customer serivce online chat feature. Most seed banks don’t have an online chat feature so this really makes a difference for customers.

The online chat feature is the easiest way to get in contact with their customer serivce team but you can also communicate with them via email, phone call, traditional mail, or in person at one of their retail stores. We believe Crop King Seeds has a great customer service team and after reviewing Crop King Seeds reviews we see that most customers have an amazing experience with their team.

Final Thoughts On Our Crop King Seeds Review

Crop King Seeds is one of the most respected and well known seed banks on the market that allows users to order cannabis seeds online. We have had a great experience with them for many years and we believe they are a great option for individuals who are new to growing cannabis as well as those who are experienced. They offer very high quality seeds and offer a variety of different strains. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Crop King Seeds.

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