How To Grow Outdoors In New England

If you are a beginner or a veteran grower in the New England area then it is important to know how to have a successful grow season. The New England area provides plenty of challenges for growing, which is why we recommend growers to use the best outdoor strains for New England, as well as few of the other tips below to have a successful growing season in the Northeast of the U.S.

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tips for growing cannabis in New England

Growing Outdoors In New England

Growing cannabis outdoors is incredibly popular across the world, but some locations are better suited to growing outdoors compared to growing indoor. New England is a unique location as it is possible to grow marijuana outdoors as well as indoor in the New England area depending on the current season.

The New England area is known for providing a variety of different seasons throughout the year. In the winter season, New England has incredibly cold and wet weather, but during the summer months, New England provides hot and sunny weather.

This variety of different weather can make it difficult to grow cannabis in New England because the weather changes so quickly. We believe it is possible to grow indoors as well as outdoor in New England but typically we will recommend an outdoor grow if you are a beginner because of how much cheaper it is.

If you are a beginner then you probably don’t want to invest a lot of money for your first few grows. This makes growing outdoor the best option as it is much cheaper compared purchasing an indoor grow setup. And if you live in the New England area then you are lucky because the weather and soil allows you to grow cannabis outdoor if you are prepared.

Issues With Growing In New England

It is possible to grow cannabis indoors as well as outdoors in New England. If you are looking to grow outdoor then it is important that it is the correct season and the weather is warm enough to keep your plants alive. If you have the money to invest or are an experienced grower then we recommend you look into growing indoors.

Below are a few of the issues you must be aware of as well as our tips to solve them if you are growing outdoors in the New England area.

How Cold New England Gets

New England can be very warm and sunny outside during the summer and spring months, but it is important to understand that it can get very cold during the fall and winter months. If you are a beginner it is important to understand that in order to grow cannabis outdoors you will need sun and you will need it to be warm enough for your plants to survive.

For a large percentage of the year, New England is too cold to grow marijuana outside as the cold climate will kill your plants. Cold weather will freeze the soil as well as your seeds and make it impossible to grow anything. This is why it is vital to use an outdoor strain that has a history of dealing with cold weather.

Some cannabis strains are genetically accustomed to growing in colder temperatures compared to other strains. This is why we recommend that you use seeds for strains that have a higher chance of growing in cold temperatures. But it is worth noting that even the best strains won’t be able to grow in incredibly cold temperates.

Sunlight Levels In New England

There are some locations across the United States that get plenty of sunlight across the entire year. But the New England region, which consists of states such as Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, are known for having low levels of sunlight. Summers in the New England region can provide adequate amounts of sunlight needed to grow cannabis, but the fall and winter months are a completely different store.

The fall and winter months in the New England area are known for their cold and snowy weather that happens for multiple months during this part of the year. These cold, snowy, and rainy, months of the year are impossible for growing marijuana outdoors. If you are looking to grow cannabis in New England then you must do it during a season where your plants will receive enough sunlight. 

It is vital for your grows to receive enough sunlight or else they won’t be able to grow at all. This is why it is vital to grow during the right time of the year. Artifical sunlight can be created by using grow lights and other indoor growing equipment such as grow tents. If you are growing in the New England area then it may be important to invest in some indoor growing equipment to make your grows more successful and allow you to grow during the winter months.

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