How To Grow Cannabis In A Cold Climate in 2024

Growing marijuana in a cold climate or cold weather can be challenging, but with the right preparation it is possible! If you plan your grow ahead of times, then you might even find that there are a few benefits of growing cannabis in colder climates.

how to grow cannabis in a cold climate

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Let’s learn how to grow cannabis in a cold or even snowy climate!

How To Grow Cannabis In A Cold Climate

If you have experience growing cannabis then you will understand that marijuana strains can be incredibly adaptable. Marijuana is grown all across the world and across many different climates. This means it is possible to grow marijuana in nearly any location across the globe. Below is our tips for growing marijuana in a cold weather.

Grow The Correct Strains

If you want your grow to be successful it is important to grow a cannabis strain that is genetically exposed to that type of climate. If you are looking for the best outdoor strains for New England it will most likely be completely different strains than if you were looking for the best outdoor strains for Florida. This is because the climate is completely different.

Each strain of cannabis has a slightly different genetic makeup which will make it better or worse for different climates. This is important to look into if you are interested in having a successful growing season. We highly recommend you use a strain that has a history of being successful in your climate. 

If you live in a cold climate then we recommend looking at strains that have experience handling cold weather. These cold climate marijuana strains will typically have a genetic history of being successful in a cold climate, such as our recommendations for the best outdoor strains for Pacific Northwest.

Use Proper Growing Equipment

Our team is surprised how often beginner growers or even experienced growers forget how important growing equipment is for the success of you grow. If you are living in a cold climate or are having cold weather then growing equipment is even more important to use.

Growing equipment will help to improve the results of your grow by improving the quality and the size of the buds you grow. We believe using growing equipment in colder climates are vital for the health of your grow. If you aren’t using growing equipment during a cold weather system then it can be incredibly difficult for your marijuana to grow.

Below are our list of growing equipment that can help improve your grow during cold weather.

Growing Tents or Growing Boxes

Grow tents and growing boxes are used as a greenhouse to help control the climate of the area where you are growing marijuana. If you have never used a grow tent or a grow box then our team highly recommend you use them for your next grow as they can drastically improve the quality of your grow.

If you live in a cold climate then a grow tent or a grow box is even more important than ever. Using a grow tent allows you to protect your cannabis from cold weather that could damage or even kill the cannabis. A grow tent is a vital tool for success with growing marijuana in cold weather.

Grow Lights

Going hand and hand with using a grow tent is using a grow light. A grow light is exactly what it sounds like. It is an electronic light that uses the energy from the light to keep the marijuana plants warm and healthy. Grow lights are vital during cold weather or when growing in cold climates as cannabis must be kept within a specific temperature range. If you are attempting to grow in a cold climate without a grow light you will typically have a difficult time as it the plants will struggle.

The other main benefits of a grow light is to act as an artificial sun who passes off the energy needed for the marijuana plant to grow. A cannabis plant requires warmth and energy in order to go grow. In warmer climates this can be achieved directly from the sun. However, if you are growing marijuana in a colder climate than it is vital to use a grow light to provide your marijuana plant with warmth and energy that it desperately needs.

We believe by using the proper growing equipment as well as using the proper strain for your climate then you will be able to grow marijuana in a cold climate. We recommend that you look at our other marijuana growing blog articles.

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