Buy Cannabis Seeds With Bitcoin in 2024

There are millions of people around the world who are looking to buy cannabis seeds online with Bitcoin because of how easy it is to buy online items with Bitcoin but also the privacy that it provides. In this article we talk you through the process to buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin as well as what seed banks that accept Bitcoin.

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Table of Contents

what seed banks accept bitcoin

Let’s learn about the best seed banks that accept Bitcoin for cannabis seeds!

What Seed Banks Accept Bitcoin?

Buying cannabis seeds with Bitcoin can provide many great benefits for the users as well as for the sellers. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of cannabis seeds banks that accept Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a relatively new technology which means many more traditional marketplaces and sellers haven’t started using the technology yet.

Our team has reviewed the most popular seed banks and have provided a list of seed banks that accept Bitcoin. Check out the list below:

Three Seed Banks That Accept Bitcoin

ILGM Seed Bank

ILoveGrowingMarijuana, often referred to as ILGM is one of the largest seed banks in the world. They are known for selling cannabis seeds online and often times will have daily or weekly deals and specials. ILGM is one of the few seed banks that accept Bitcoin and they make the entire purchase process incredibly easy and simple.

ILGM is the first seed bank we think of when we get asked where to buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin because they accept cryptocurrency, they have great quality seeds, they have great prices, and they provide beginners with cannabis growing guides! ILGM is the ultimate seed bank and you can read our complete ILGM review. We highly recommend buying cannabis seeds from ILGM!

Crop King Seeds

Crop Kings is one of the only other cannabis seed banks that accepts Bitcoin as well as other forms of cryptocurrency. Crop Kings has been an authority in the cannabis seeds industry for many years now and we have loved everyone one of our purchases from them! They provide great quality seeds and an extremely easy buying process from their website.

You can read our entire Crop King Seeds review but we highly recommend you check out their website and give their marijuana seeds a chance!

Why Some Seed Banks Don't Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin as well as other forms of cryptocurrency are still new technology compared to more traditional methods of payment. This is something we see with the number of seed banks that accept Paypal, as many seed banks haven’t began accepting newer methods of payment. Since the technology is still new and isn’t used as a wide spread payment processor, only a handful of seed banks have taken the step forward to accept Bitcoin.

We believe more and more seed banks will begin to accept Bitcoin in the future as Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency becomes more popular. We believe Bitcoin will become more mainstream and will begin being accepted by most online websites as well as traditional retail stores.

Benefits of Buying Cannabis Seeds With Bitcoin

Buying cannabis seeds with Bitcoin comes with many different benefits but the most common benefit for users is the privacy and security that Bitcoin provides. Bitcoin is known for providing users with anonymity and privacy security because the technology is built on the blockchain. The blockchain allows users to buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin without having their personal details saved or publicity assessable by anyone.

One of the other big benefits of seed banks that accept Bitcoin is how quickly and efficiently it makes the purchasing process. Buying marijuana seeds with Bitcoin is incredibly easy and efficient. You can complete the entire checkout process in just a few seconds because of how quick Bitcoin and blockchain technology is.

Are There Any Cons Of Buying Cannabis Seeds With Bitcoin?

For most users there won’t be any noticeable cons of buying cannabis seeds with Bitcoin because the technology is safe, efficient, and easy to use. The only con worth noting is that your favorite seed bank may not currently accept Bitcoin. There are still a handful of well known seed banks that don’t accept Bitcoin and haven’t made any announcement about it coming. But we believe most seed banks will start accepting Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies within the next few years.

Will More Seed Banks Accept Bitcoin In The Future?

As we have mentioned previously, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology is still pretty new compared to more traditional methods of payment. This means many seed banks as well as online retailors as a whole haven’t made the switch over to Bitcoin. Most seed banks only accept traditional forms of payment such as Visa, credit card, cheque, cash, or other more traditional methods.

Common Questions About Buying Cannabis Seeds With Bitcoin

Our team receives questions once and awhile from readers who would like to know more about Bitcoin and buying cannabis seeds with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. Below are the most common questions we have received when buying seeds with Bitcoin.

Is Using Bitcoin A Good Idea?

Bitcoin is a new payment method that is much different than traditional payment methods. This can make it daunting for less tech-saavy users to get started. But Bitcoin provides privacy protection that isn’t possible with traditional payment methods. Bitcoin will protect your private data as well as hide your transaction history. This is what makes Bitcoin special and this is part of the reason that so many people love buying cannabis seeds with Bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and was invented in 2008. Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency is a digital currency that allows users to transfer currency from peer to peer. Bitcoin is stored in each individuals digital wallet and it can be used to purchase numerous different products and services. More and more individuals have started using Bitcoin this year compared to last year.

What Is Bitcoin Video Tutorial

How Do I Get Started Using Bitcoin?

If you are looking to get started with Bitcoin there are a few steps you must take. Below are the steps you need to take to get started with Bitcoin.

  1. Download your first Bitcoin wallet. This is what you will use to store your Bitcoin but is also used to send and receive BTC. Your wallet will keep track of your transaction history and will keep your Bitcoin safe.
  2. Add Bitcoin To Your Wallet. Now that you have your wallet, it is time to buy some Bitcoin to add to your balance. There are many trustworthy Bitcoin exchanges that will accept most traditional methods of Payment and send the Bitcoin directly to your wallet.
  3. Use Your Bitcoin Wallet To Send & Receive BTC. Now that you have Bitcoin in your wallet, you are able to send and receive Bitcoin by opening your wallet and sending Bitcoin to the other persons wallet address.

How Do I Buy Cannabis Seeds With Bitcoin?

Now that you have a better understanding of Bitcoin and have set up your Bitcoin wallet, it is time to buy cannabis seeds with Bitcoin. Since only a few seed banks accept Bitcoin, you must navigate to one of the recommended seed banks that we mentioned above. Once on their website you can browse their available seeds. Once you find the perfect marijuana seeds for your needs, you can add them to your cart and click checkout. Once you are in the checkout screen there will be an option to pay with Bitcoin. This will require you to input your Bitcoin wallet address and send the funds over to the seed bank. The entire process is easy and fast!

Final Thoughts On Buying Cannabis Seeds With Bitcoin

Our team absolutely loves that some seed banks accept Bitcoin and we believe more and more cannabis seed banks will begin to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments in the near future. This type of technology is growing at a rapid rate and we will see more and more companies using Bitcoin payment.

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