Best Strains To Grow Indoors in 2024 – Easiest Indoor Weed Strains!

If you are looking to grow cannabis indoors there are a few things that you will need to know in order to have a successful grow. The first thing to know is that certain strains will grow better indoors compared to outdoors. In this article we will guide you through the process of growing cannabis indoors as well as talk about the best strains to grow indoors.

best strains to grow indoors

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Let’s learn about the best cannabis strains to grow indoor this grow season!

Best Strains To Grow Indoors

Growing cannabis indoors can be difficult because of the elements such as water, sunlight, soil nutrients, and more that you will have to control. When growing outdoors some of these elements will naturally be taken care of by mother nature, but when you are growing indoors, you will have to take control of them. It is important that you keep everything at a healthy level in order for your cannabis to grow. Below is a list of the best strains to grow indoors.

Best Strains To Grow Indoors

How To Grow Cannabis Indoors

If you are growing cannabis indoors it typically means that your climate currently doesn’t allow for you to grow outdoors, you don’t have any land to grow it outdoors, you want to grow it discreetly, or you want to have better control of the grow. There are many individuals around the world who are growing cannabis indoors and we will teach you how to have a successful indoor grow. We recommend that you only use the best yielding indoor strains but also that you follow our growing tips listed below.

Customize Your Sunlight Levels

When you are growing cannabis indoors, you will have to regulate how much light your plants receive. Often times this is one of the most difficult parts for beginners as they don’t know how much light a cannabis plant needs. It is important that you customize the level of light to the specific type of cannabis seed you are growing. Some seeds will require more light while other types will require less seeds. Some seeds such as Ringo’s Gift Seeds or Sour Diesel Seeds will require more sunlight to have a maximum yield, but other seeds won’t need as much light.

Utilize Growing Equipment

Often times we will see beginner grows be hesitant to use growing equipment because it can be daunting if you don’t know what you are doing. Growing equipment can also be expensive if you are on a tight budget, but growing equipment will have a drastic impact on growing cannabis indoors. Growing equipment can range from watering systems, lighting, filtration and ventilation systems, and much more. There are many different pieces of growing equipment but these systems allow for your to grow larger plants and to automate the process so it is less manual work on your end.

Plan Everything Out Before Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing cannabis indoors can be difficult because it requires a lot of planning. If you are growing cannabis outdoors you can rely on nature to take care of the light and water levels to some degree, but if you are growing cannabis indoors then you are forced to regulate everything. This is why we highly recommend you plan everything out beforehand. We recommend taking a pen and paper and physcially drawing out your indoor growing system as well as do all your research beforehand. 

Research which seed bank you want to use, we recommend ILGM, Pacific Seed Bank, or BC Seeds for the best strains to grow indoors. This is the stage where you can begin to draw out your lighting system, your water system, as well as your ventilation system so you aren’t working on this while the plants are already potted. We hope this guide helps you understand what it takes to grow strains indoors.

Tips For Growing Cannabis Strains Indoors

Growing cannabis strains can be difficult for beginners because it will require more growing equipment compared to growing outdoors. But after you begin growing cannabis indoors you will soon realize that there are many benefits of growing cannabis indoors. Lets take a look at a few tips for successfully growing cannabis strains indoors

Tip #1: Use Growing Equipment Specifically For Your Strains

Our first tip for growing cannabis indoors is to use growing equipment that is specifically designed for the type of strains you are growing. There are many different types of cannabis strains and each strain requires slightly different growing environments. For example, sour diesel seeds and blue dream seeds will require different levels of water, light, nutrients, and other factors.

Since each cannabis strain is slightly different, we typically recommend that you look into the best grow lights and nutrients for the strain you are growing. This will drastically improve the quality and success of your grow.

Tip #2: Autoflower Seeds Vs Feminized Seeds

When growing indoors it is important that you decide between autoflower seeds or feminized seeds. Autoflower seeds are easier to grow and require less work. This is perfect for beginner or those who want less work when growing cannabis. Feminized seeds will require a little more work but allow more customization and typically allows for a higher yield overall. 

If you are a beginner we typically recommend you start with autoflower seeds. You can read about the best autoflower seed bank to find the best brand for your next grow. If you are an experienced grower, then you will typically see the highest yield when you grow feminized seeds.

Tip #3: Harvest At The Correct Time

Harvesting can be difficult for beginners or those who don’t have much experience growing cannabis strains indoors. It is vital that you harvest at the correct time. If you harvest too early then you are missing out on a higher yield and your buds may be premature. If you harvest too late you are risking the health of your plants and may have a disappointing result.

The best time for harvesting can vary drastically based on your growing setup as well as what type of cannabis strain you are growing.

Benefits of Growing Cannabis Indoors

Once you begin growing cannabis strains indoor, it can be difficult to going back to growing cannabis outdoors. Growing cannabis indoors has many benefits, so lets dive into talking about the benefits!

You Can Grow Cannabis Year-Round

If you are growing cannabis outdoors then you can be severely limited by the temperature and climate in your location. The weather can have a dramatic impact on the health and success-rate of your grow. Cannabis requires a warm climate with enough water and sunlight in order to grow. For many individuals, this will limit them to just a few months during the spring and early summer seasons.

This can make it difficult to grow cannabis it all, or it forces you to only grow for a few months out of the entire year. If you are growing cannabis indoors then you will have full control of the temperature, the sunlight levels, the water levels, and everything else require in growing marijuana. This means you are able to grow cannabis all year-round and aren’t limited to just one or two grows each year.

You Have Complete Control

As mentioned in the previous section, when you are growing cannabis indoors you have complete control over every aspect of the growing process. This is incredibly liberating and allows you to take complete control of the grow. You don’t have to worry about the sunlight levels or the weather in your climate. This means you can optimize the entire growing process and have a successful grow!

Growing Cannabis Indoors Can Lead To Higher Yields

When you are growing cannabis indoors you are able to optimize the entire process. You can customize the amount of water, sunlight, soil, nutrients, and everything specifically for the type of cannabis strain you are growing. This allows you to maximize the yield of the grow. Typically you will be able to receive a much higher yield and bigger buds when you grow cannabis indoors compared to when you are growing outdoors.

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