Best Strains To Grow In High Heat in 2024 – Heat-Resistant Cannabis Strains

If you live in a high heat climate it can be incredibly difficult to grow cannabis unless you know what you are doing. One of the most important things for success is to only use the best strains to grow in high heat as they are genetically accustomed to surviving in warmer climates. Keep reading for our guide to growing cannabis in high heat climates.

best strains to grow in high heat

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Let’s learn about the best heat-resistant cannabis strains to grow in a hot or warm climate!

Best Strains To Grow In High Heat

Typically, cannabis will have a difficult time growing in high heat climates because the soil will lack nutrients and the excess heat will cause difficulties for the seeds to germinate. But our team at Kind Seeds has years of experience growing in a variety of different climates and have put together a list of tips for growing in hot climates. 

One of the most important things you can do is only using the best strains to grow in high heat as they have the genetic makeup to survive warmer climates. Below is our list of recommended strains to grow in high heat climates.

Strains For High Heat Climates

Tips For Growing Cannabis In High Heat Climates

High heat climates can range from hot & dry  to a humid heat, which can make it difficult for cannabis to be grown. Cannabis can typically only be grown in areas with a warm climate that ranges from 70 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. This range can differ based on the type of seeds your are growing. If you are growing in Maine you will probably be using different seeds compared to if you were growing in Michigan. Each climate is different and you must customize your growing process around your seeds and the climate you live in.

Below are a few of our favorite tips for growing cannabis strains in high heat climates.

Keep An Eye On Your Water Levels

Water is one of the most important things for a cannabis plant. But high heat climates can quickly evaporate the water before your cannabis plant can enjoy it. For this reason, you may have to use more water then you would compared to other climates. Your cannabis plant will be fighting against the heat and the added sunshine which means it will require more water to grow. It is worth noting that even though it is warm outside, you don’t want to overwater your cannabis plant and flood the nutrients out of the soil.

Think About Using Growing Equipment

Using growing equipment can be vital if your are growing in a high heat climate. Growing equipment can range from growing lights, using a greenhouse, added watering systems, or much more. There are even certain types of seeds such as sour diesel seeds that seem to grow better with the help of growing equipment compared to without equipment. In high heat climates, an advanced water system or a shading system can be vital for the health of your cannabis plants. If your plants aren’t receiving enough water or are receiving too much direct sunlight it can cause serious issues with the growth and health of your plants.

Soil In High Heat Climates Lack Nutrients

High heat climates will typically have more sunlight and less water for your plants, but often times the soil itself will have less nutrients in them compared to other climates. This will vary depending on what climate you are actually growing in, but often times high heat climates will lack nutrients because the heat makes it difficult for micororganisms to reporduce. This is why many cannabis growers in hot climates will decide to use a greenhouse or grow indoors with special nutrients for growing weed indoors. If you are growing strains in high heat then we recommend you test the level of nutrients in the soil or use your own soil for a higher success rate for your next growing season.

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