Best Strains To Grow In A Greenhouse in 2024 – Indoor Cannabis Strains

Growing cannabis outdoors can be difficult for many people because of the climate they live in as marijuana needs a specific amount of sunlight, water, and temperature. This is why many people end up using a greenhouse or an indoor growing setup in order to successfully grow marijuana year round. In this article we discuss the best strains to grow in a greenhouse as well as tips for growing cannabis in a greenhouse.

Best strains to grow in a greenhouse

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Let’s learn about the best cannabis strains to grow in a greenhouse and the highest yielding greenhouse cannabis strains!

Best Strains To Grow In A Greenhouse

Our team has years of experience growing cannabis outdoors but also growing strains in a greenhouse. We believe a greenhouse is a great opportunity for experienced growers who would like the opportunity to grow marijuana year round instead of just when the weather allows it. It is important that you have a good understanding of how to grow marijuana in a greenhouse as well as what strains have the highest success rate. Below are our recommendations for the best strains to grow in a greenhouse.

StrainTHC %Indica/SativaYield (per square meter)Flowering Time
White Widow16-20%Sativa400-500g8-9 Weeks
Northern Lights20-30%Indica300-400g7-8 Weeks
Super Skunk20-25%Indica400-600g8-9 Weeks
AK-4716-25%Indica400-600g8-9 Weeks
Sour Diesel18-22%Sativa400-600g8-9 Weeks

Strains That Grow Well In A Greenhouse

Review of Our Recommended Greenhouse Strains

To help you have a better understanding of the strains we recommended to grow in a greenhouse, below we have provided a review of each individual strain. We think these are the best strains to grow in a greenhouse and we think you will absolutely love each and everyone of them.

1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is know for its consistently high yields and it’s easy to grow genetics. We believe Blue Dream is one of the best strains to grow in a greenhouse because of how easygoing the strain is and how high the average yield is for indoor growing. You can read our complete best blue dream seeds article to learn more about the strain. We highly recommend you give Blue Dream a try this growing season!

2. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one the most popular and well known cannabis strain in the world. Northern Lights is popular because of how well it grows in a variety of different climates and temperatures. Northern Lights can be grown outdoors, indoors, and also grows extremely well when grown in greenhouses.

We highly recommend autoflower Northern Lights seeds because of how easy they are to be grown in a greenhouse. The genetics of the strain makes it easy to grow without much maintenance required. This is why we recommend it for those who are growing cannabis in a greenhouse.

3. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is a popular strain for growing in a greenhouse because of how little work is required. The strain reacts incredibly well to being grown in a greenhouse and makes it really easy for beginners to have success. If you are new to growing in a greenhouse, we highly recommend you give Gorilla Glue a try!

4. White Widow

White Widow is another strain that is popular all around the world because of how well it grows in greenhouses as well as indoors. It can be grown year-round and is known for its high yield and high success rate. We highly recommend white widow if your are looking for a strain that is easy to grow in a greenhouse but provides a high THC level.

5. Blueberry Strain

The Blueberry strain isn’t as popular as other cannabis strains but we think it provides a unique experience that cannabis growers will love. The strain is a high Indica percentage and a low Sativa percentage but also provides a lower THC level that is great for relaxation. The strain is easy to grow and we have had success growing Blueberry indoors as well as in greenhouses.

6. Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl Scout Cookies is a good greenhouse strain for more experience growers. The strain has an estimated THC level of up to 21% which is one of the highest THC levels available. The growing process is a little more difficult so we only recommend this strain for experienced growers.

How To Grow Strains In A Greenhouse

If you live in a hot dry climate, or a cold climate such as the growing in New England, then using a greenhouse can be a vital piece of equipment. Many climates only allow the proper weather for growing cannabis for a few weeks a year. This short growing period can make it difficult or even impossible to grow weed. But by using a greenhouse, you can have the opportunity to grow marijuana year round, and produce more yield compared to growing outdoors.

how to grow cannabis in a greenhouse

If you are looking to grow in a greenhouse then we recommend purchasing a high quality greenhouse. There are many greenhouses on the market, and even some that are tailored specifically for growing marijuana. We highly recommend looking at customer reviews in order to find the best greenhouse for your needs.

Greenhouse Containers or Growing In The Ground

When you have a greenhouse, you must decide if you want to grow your cannabis seeds directly into the soil within the greenhouse, or if you want to put the seeds into individual containers or pots. Typically, we recommend utilizing individual pots or containers as this allows for more optimization to the soil that the seeds are planted in and it also allows you to move the plants if needed.

Find Strains To Grow In A Greenhouse

When you are growing strains in a greenhouse it is important to only use strains that are genetically accustomed to being grown indoors. There are some cannabis seeds that don’t have a high success rate when grow indoors because their genetic makeup doesn’t operate well with greenhouse growing. We also recommend only using seeds from high quality seed banks such as ILGM.

Automate Your Greenhouse Setup

One of the best parts about a greenhouse is the opportunity to automate much of the process. It is possible to automate how much sunlight, water, and nutrients that your plants receive. Instead of having to manually alter how much sunlight or water your plants receive, you can use timers to automate how much water and sunlight they receive. A watering system or light automation system is much more difficult or impossible to do for growing strains outdoor.

Greenhouses Provide Security For Your Strains

One of the main benefits that a greenhouse provides is security for your strains. If you are growing cannabis outdoors then it is possible that humans or animals can find your plants and destroy all of your hard work. In many locations, rodents such as mice can chew through your growing plants before they are able to fully germinate and produce buds. Growing strains in a greenhouse will provide security from humans as well as pests.

Growing In A Greenhouse or Outdoors?

Now that you know more about how to grow seeds in a greenhouse as well as the best strains to grow in a greenhouse, it is important to understand that growing outdoors is also an option for many individuals. Depending on your climate, it may be possible to grow marijuana outdoors without much work because the climate provides the required sunlight, water, and nutrients needed. But for many people, their climate doesn’t offer them this type of experience. This will require many individuals to using a greenhouse or indoor growing setup in order to have a successful growing season.

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