Best Outdoor Strains For Ohio In 2024

Ohio can be a difficult place to grow cannabis because of the cold weather that is abundant during the fall and winter months but also because of the varying amount of sunlight and rain the area receives. Ohio is known for its cold and snowy climate during the winter months, but the state can also receive a good amount of warm weather during the peak of summer. This changing climate and varying soil conditions can be difficult for some beginners to grow cannabis.

growing cannabis in Ohio

If you are thinking about growing cannabis in Ohio then it is important that you only choose to grow the best outdoor strains for the state. There are some strains and seeds that will be able to handle the climate, soil conditions, sunlight levels, as well as the amount of precipitation. Other strains just won’t be able to survive in this type of climate and may struggle to produce a maximum yield. For this reason, we highly recommend you only try to grow strains that have a proven track record in Ohio or other similar climates.

Let’s learn about the best outdoor cannabis strains to grow in Ohio!

The Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains To Grow In Ohio

If you are looking for cannabis seeds and different strains that have been tested and proven to be successful in Ohio then look no further. Our team has personally tested and grown all of these seeds successfully in Ohio. These outdoor strains are resilient to colder climates but will also grow well with the soil conditions within Ohio.

StrainTHC %Indica/SativaYield (per square meter)Flowering Time
White Widow16-20%Sativa400-500g8-9 Weeks
Northern Lights20-30%Indica300-400g7-8 Weeks
Super Skunk20-25%Indica400-600g8-9 Weeks
AK-4716-25%Indica400-600g8-9 Weeks
Sour Diesel18-22%Sativa400-600g8-9 Weeks

Recommended Seeds To Grow In Ohio

If you are looking for a few more recommendations of different cannabis strains to grow in Ohio we have provided a full list of different strains. This gives you more options to pick the perfect strain for your next grow based on your personal preference, THC/CBD ratio, strain type, and more.

1. White Widow

White widow is one of the most popular outdoor strains for Ohio because of it’s ability to deal with the climate as well as the soil and nutrients located in this area. We have heard from numerous customers who have been able to successfully grow white widow in this climate with a lot of success!

2. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the most popular strains that is grown all around the world. The genealogy originates from Afghani indica which provides the strain with a high level of resiliency to different types of weather but also to common diseases that often plague grows.

This resiliency makes it perfect for beginners who don’t have as much experience in growing and can help to keep your plants healthy throughout the entire growing process. Northern Lights is great for the Ohio area!

Tips For Growing Cannabis In Ohio

If you are new to growing cannabis or are have never grown in a climate like Ohio, then it is important to understand a few things in order to have a successful growing season. Ohio has a similar climate to Michigan or even the Northeast, but each climate is slightly different which means your growing process may change slightly.

Our team have provided a few tips for growing cannabis indoors or outdoors in Ohio.

Ohio Has A Cold Climate

It is important to understand that Ohio has a naturally cold climate during the early spring, fall, and winter months. This makes growing cannabis outdoors during this period extremely difficult. It may still be possible depending on your growing system and the weather during the time but it will make it much more difficult.

This means you should plan on growing cannabis during the warmer spring or summer months. In Ohio, the summer months can get pretty hot but compared to other climates such as Florida or even Virginia, the summer months are still comfortable enough to grow cannabis. This means you could have multiple growing sessions throughout this time period.

If you plan on growing cannabis during the colder months then you may have to buy an indoor growing system or think about growing cannabis in a greenhouse.

Ohio Has Multiple Different Seasons

As we previously mentioned, Ohio and other midwestern states typically will have multiple different seasons of weather. The winter will typically be cold and snowy, the spring will start cold and quickly become warm, and the summer months are typically in the mid 80’s and very comfortable. This means you will have to plan out your growing sessions accordingly.

You should be aware that the weather may change pretty drastically in between the seasons. If you start growing cannabis during the early spring months it could still be very cold outside but by the end of the grow it could actually be very warm and hot outside. This means some outdoor strains won’t grow well because there are a handful of cannabis seeds that can only grow during very specific weather conditions.

The strains we have recommended above should all handle the multiple seasons and weather change with ease.

Ohio Receives A Moderate Amount of Sunlight

Sunlight or artificial light is one of the most important things to think about when growing cannabis. Some areas around the world will provide your seeds with enough natural light that you won’t have to worry about it. But other climates don’t provide enough or will provide too much natural light. Ohio during the spring and summer months will typically provide an adequate amount of sunlight to grow cannabis without too many issues. It still might be required to provide additional lighting or even reduce the amount of light your grow receives.

If you are growing during the early spring months then you may need to provide additional lighting to your grow if there isn’t enough natural light. This can be done with a simple lighting system or by using a more advanced indoor growing system or greenhouse. If you are a beginner then this might not be the best option until you have a better understanding of what it takes to grow cannabis in Ohio.

Picking The Right Season To Start Growing Cannabis In Ohio

Now that you know about the different climate conditions, sunlight, and rain levels in Ohio, it is important to understand that you must pick a good time of the year to start your cannabis grow. In Ohio, typically the spring and summer months will be the best option for growing outdoor strains. If you have an indoor growing system or greenhouse then you can get away with growing at other months of the year.

The weather and climate in Ohio can vary depending on the time of the year and the particular weather patterns during that time period. This means you must plan out your grow carefully. You should also only purchase high quality cannabis seeds that are able to withstand colder climates and provide a higher growing success rate.

You can read more about this in our best seed banks article as well as by checking out the individual reviews below:

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