Best Outdoor Strains For Florida

If you live in Florida or anywhere in the Southeast of the United States and are looking to grow cannabis seeds then it is important to look specifically for the best outdoors strains for Florida. Florida has a unique climate and it is important to find strains that can handle the weather and the type of soil.

Our article will walk you through what factors you must keep in mind when you are growing cannabis in Florida. Below we list the best outdoor strains for Florida as well as give you some tips and tricks for having a successful grow in Florida.

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best outdoor strains for Florida

If you are looking to have a successful growing season in Florida then it is vital to use the appropriate seeds for your climate. The below strains have been proven to handle the climate of Florida and will improve the success of your next grow.

StrainTHC %Indica/SativaYield (per square meter)Flowering Time
White Widow16-20%Sativa400-500g8-9 Weeks
Northern Lights20-30%Indica300-400g7-8 Weeks
Super Skunk20-25%Indica400-600g8-9 Weeks
AK-4716-25%Indica400-600g8-9 Weeks
Sour Diesel18-22%Sativa400-600g8-9 Weeks

The Best Outdoor Strains For Florida

1. Sour Diesel - Best Outdoor Strain For Florida

Sour diesel is one of the most popular outdoor strain for those in Florida because of how well it handles hot and wet climates such as the Southeast. It is vital to use a strain that won’t be burnt by the excessive heat present in Florida. Many types of outdoor strains wont be able to handle the heat as well as the large amount of rain but sour diesel has proven that it can handle the Florida climate! Sour diesel is perfect for beginners as well as veterans because of its ease to grow and the high yield that it produces.

2. AK-47 - Most Resilient Outdoor Strain

AK-47 is one of the most well known outdoor strains across the world because of how many different climates it can be grown in. It is one of the most resilient strains that can deal with the hot weather in Florida but can also handle the weather in New England as well as the climate in the Pacific Northwest. AK-47 can truly be grown anywhere in the United States and is grown by individuals all across the globe. We believe it is a great strain for beginners in Florida because of how easy it is to grow as well as its overall yield.

3. OG Kush - Beginner Friendly Strain

OG Kush isn’t as popular as sour diesel or AK-47 but we believe it a great option for growing in the Florida climate. OG kush performs well in warmer climates and is also resilient to wet conditions or areas that receive a lot of rain. It may not be the best option for hot dry climates, but it will grow well in warm and wet climates such as Florida. We believe it will require a little bit more experience compared to other strains but we think intermediate or veteran growers will have a lot of success with growing OG kush.

Tips For Growing Cannabis In Florida

If you are intrested in growing Marijuana or cannabis in Florida then it is important to understand the important factors that come in to play when growing in Florida. Florida is a unique location and is much different from growing outdoor strains in New England or growing outdoor strains in Pacific Northwest. You must spend time planning your grow so it is tailored for the climate and growing season in Florida as it is much different compared to other locations.

Below are few factors that you must think about when growing outdoor strains in Florida.

tips for growing marijuana in Florida

The Average Temperature In Florida

When analyzing the climate of Florida, the temperature is one of the first things you should think about. Florida is one of the warmest states in the United States which can make growing marijuana difficult. High temperatures can cause certain strains to grow slowly or not grow at all.

It is important that you look at the outdoor strain you plan on growing in Florida and make sure that it is resilient to high temperatures. There are some strains that grow well in colder temperatures where as there are some that only grow well in warm temperatures. Make sure that you only grow cannabis seeds that can handle the high temperatures in Florida.

Recommended Seed Bank For Florida

When you are growing cannabis in Florida it is vital that you only buy your cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank. The following seed banks will provide you with high quality cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to germinate and grow as easily as possible!

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Sunlight Levels In Florida

The amount of sunlight can be one of the most important factors in growing cannabis. Some states such as Florida offer much higher levels of sunlight. Whereas other states such as Alaska offer very low amounts of sunlight. Since there are many regions that vary heavily on the amount of sun that they receive, it is important that you find an outdoor strain that can handle the Florida sunlight.

Florida offers higher levels of sunlight than most states in the United States. This is important to understand when shopping for outdoor strains to grow. You must find an outdoor strain that has experience growing in hot and sunlight filled locations.

Humidity Levels In Florida

In combination with high levels of heat and sunlight, Florida has a much higher level of humidity compared to most states. Humidity can play a huge role in the growing process of cannabis. It is important to keep a delicate measure of the humidity levels when you are growing marijuana. Each strain has a humidity range that will provide it with the best success rate.

Since the humidity level is so high in Florida, it can make it difficult to grow outdoor strains that stay within their recommended humidity range. We recommend that you pay close attention to the humidity levels for the entire growing process. This will provide your next grow in the Florida region with the best chance of sucess.

Autoflower Seeds or Feminized Seeds For Growing Outdoors in Florida

When it comes to growing cannabis there are two different types of seeds that are the most popular. These are autoflower cannabis seeds and feminized cannabis seeds. Autoflower seeds require much less maintenance and less equipment for a successful grow, but they will result in less yield.

Feminized cannabis seeds allow for only female plants to be grown. This is beneficial as only female plants contain the buds, which will result in a larger yield. Both autoflower and cannabis seeds can be grown in Florida, but we typically recommend autoflower seeds for beginners or for those who don’t have the expertise and time required to keep a careful watch over feminized seeds.

Final Thoughts On Growing Outdoor Strains In Florida

Florida has a unique climate which can make it difficult to grow cannabis if you aren’t prepared. The average temperature, sunlight levels, and humidity levels play a huge role in what strains are able to grow in the region. It is important to have an understanding of these factors when trying to find the best outdoor strains for Florida.

We recommend you pay close attention to these climate factors and only grow strains that will react well with these factors. To learn more about growing, equipment reviews, company reviews, and more, we recommend reading out most recent cannabis blog articles.

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