Best Nutrients For Growing Weed Indoors

Growing cannabis can be a daunting task for beginners who have never grown before. But our team is here to help you through the entire process of growing weed. Many beginners will decide to do their first grow outdoors, but sometimes it can be beneficial to grow cannabis indoors as you can grow year round no matter what the weather is. In this article we will help you grow indoors and we will talk about the best nutrients for growing weed indoors.

best nutrients for growing cannabis indoors

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How To Grow Weed Indoors

If you are growing outdoors, soil can be incredibly important, but if you are growing weed indoors, then soil is one of the most important things you can customize for your grow. The soil and the nutrients of the soil will have an immense impact on the health and the success of your cannabis seeds. If your cannabis seeds don’t have enough nutrients from the soil then they may fail to germinate or grow at all.

It is important to note that in this article we will be talking about the best nutrients for growing weed indoors, if you are looking to grow cannabis outdoors, then we recommend you read some of our recommended articles below:

Best Nutrients For Growing Weed Indoors

If you are planning on growing cannabis indoors, there are two things you should think about.

  1. What cannabis seeds are you growing?
  2. What nutrients and grow setup will you use?

When it comes to what cannabis seeds you are using, we highly recommend only purchasing cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank. We recommend you read our ILoveGrowingMarijuana Review, our Seedsman Review, and our WeedSeedsExpress Review. These seed banks have great customer reviews and have been thoroughly reviewed and tested by our team of cannabis experts.

Read our best seed banks guide for more information!

Now that you know which cannabis seeds you are going to grow indoors, it is time to discuss what nutrients you will be using. Below is our list of the best nutrients for growing cannabis indoors.

1. Dyna-Gro Grow + Bloom Nutrients

Dyna-Gro is one of the most popular soil nutrients for growing marijuana indoors because of how cheap and effective it is. Unlike other nutrients, you can buy Dyna-Gro from Amazon or your local home improvement or gardening store. This means you don’t have to go to a specialty store but also that the price is very affordable.

Dyna-Grow was orginally design for other types of vegetation such as orchids, but it has recently been used for cannabis plants and have shown amazing results! The nutrients are rich and will give your cannabis seeds everything they need to germinate and grow. This is the best option for growing cannabis indoors because of how powerful the nutrients are, how affordable the price is, and how easy it is to use. 

2. General Hydroponics FloraNova Nutrients

General Hydroponics have been around the cannabis industry for many years and provide a great option for those looking for nutrients for growing cannabis indoors. We love the complete offering of this soil nutrients as it will offer your cannabis seeds everything they need to grow. Our only complaint about General Hydroponics is sometimes it can be difficult to measure out the serving size of the nutrients because of how thick the liquid nutrients are.

3. Botanicare Pure Blend Nutrients Duo

Botanicare Pure Blend is a great option for those who are looking to purchase their soil nutrients separately as it will allow more customization for the amount of nutrients they provide to their indoor cannabis grow. This offers more flexibility when creating nutrient ratios for your cannabis plants. This option is a little more expensive compare to Dyna-Grow but we believe it will provide a great level of nutrients for your cannabis plants.

Tips For Buying Nutrients For Indoor Cannabis

If you are growing cannabis indoors, you must provide your seeds with the natural nutrients that they need to grow. If you don’t provide the seeds with nutrients, they may never germinate or will have a significantly stunted growth. This means it is vital to invest in soil nutrients when you are growing indoors.

Pick Nutrients Based On Your Cannabis Seeds

Each cannabis seed and strain are slightly different, this means you have to customize your soil nutrients based on the type of cannabis seed you have. Some seeds grow best in warm and humid climates, whereas other seeds grow better in cooler climates. This means that some seeds have the genetic makeup that works better with other types of nutrients compared to others.

Don't Skimp On Soil Nutrients

Often times, beginner growers will skimp on the soil nutrients because they don’t understand how important nutrients are for the success of your grow. It is vital to only use the best nutrients for growing weed indoors if you want to have the highest success in your next grow session!

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