Best Blue Dream Seeds in 2024 – Where To Buy Blue Dream Seeds Online

Blue dream seeds is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world, especially on the West Coast of the United States. Blue dream has a combination of high yield and an ease of growing which makes it one of the most popular cannabis seeds to grow for beginners as well as experienced growers. In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about growing blue dream seeds as well as reviewing the best blue dream seeds currently on the market.

best blue dream seeds

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Let’s learn where to buy the best blue dream seeds online and learn how to grow them this cannabis growing season!

Best Blue Dream Seeds

The Kind Seeds team has years of experience growing a wide varierty of different cannabis seeds and growing equipment. We have grown and reviewed blue dream seeds on many different occasions and believe it is one of the most reliable cannabis seeds on the market. But it is vital that you only purchase cannabis seeds from a reliable seed bank so that you know your seeds will germinate. There are some seed banks such as ILGM, Pacific Seed Bank, or BC Seeds that are much more reputable compared to other brands. If you purchase blue dream seeds from unreliable seed banks, then it is possible that you will never receive your seeds or your seeds will have a very low germination percentage.

Below is our list of the best blue dream seeds available on the market:

Blue Dream Seeds We Recommend

ILGM Autoflower Blue Dream Seeds

ILoveGrowingMarijuana is one of the most popular online seed banks in the world. They are known for providing great customer service but also for routinely having great promotions on their cannabis seeds. We have seen blue dream seeds become one of their most popular seeds that they sell. One thing that separates ILGM from other seed banks is that they provide multiple in-depth resources and guides for growing cannabis that is great for beginners. We love their blue dream seeds and believe they are great for beginners as well as experienced growers.

ILGM Feminized Blue Dream Seeds

ILoveGrowingMarijuana also offers feminized blue dream seeds which are great for those who have more experience growing cannabis. Feminized seeds aren’t as easy to grow compared to autoflower seeds but since blue dream seeds are pretty easy to grow, we don’t think this should be much of a hurdle for most growers. Feminized blue dream seeds will offer individuals will the ability to receive a higher yield and more customization with their grow. We think ILGM offers some of the best blue dream seeds on the market!

Crop Kings Feminized Blue Dream Seeds

Crop Kings offers feminized blue dream seeds as well as routinely will offer autoflower blue dream seeds. We particularly love their feminized seeds because of how high the average yield is. Crop Kings offers great results for those who have experience growing cannabis and we believe they will love these blue dream seeds.

Tips For Growing Blue Dream Seeds

If you are interested in growing blue dream seeds then there are a few important tips that you must know if you want to have a successful growing season. Blue dream seeds are among the most popular cannabis seeds in the world because of their great benefits but also because of how easy they are to grow with a high yield percentage. Similarly to sour diesel seeds, many individuals decide to grow these seeds because of how great they are for beginners.

Blue Dream Seeds Overview

Blue dream is known as a sativa-dominant strain that is incredibly popular in California but is also grown across the world from Maine, Michigan, to hot dry climates. Blue dream grows very well in the California climate but can also be grown in other climates. Typically, it will have the highest yield when it is grown in a sunny climate that has an average temperature that ranges from 70 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Growing Techniques For Blue Dream Seeds

Blue dream seeds is know for growing well in warm and relatively dry climates, but it is possible to grow blue dream seeds in high heat or even cold climates like the Northeast. If you are growing blue dream seeds in a climate that is similar to sunny California then you should easily be able to grow these seeds outdoors. However, if you live in an incredibly hot or incredibly cold climate then we highly recommend growing your seeds indoors instead. Blue dream seeds can also be grown in a greenhouse if you have the growing equipment available.

How Difficult Is It To Grow Blue Dream Seeds?

Blue dreams is known for being on the easier side of the spectrum when it comes to growing. Blue dream seeds are often recommended for beginners because of its ability to fight of disease as well as its tolerance to different weather. It is important that your strain receives enough sunlight, water, and nutrients in order to have success when growing blue dream seeds.

Grow Blue Dreams Indoors or Outdoors?

If you live in a sunny but mild climate that only receives a mild amount of rain then you should easily be able to grow blue dreams outdoors. This is incredibly common in Southern California because of how well blue dream seeds reactive to this type of climate. If you live in a very hot or very cold climate or are growing in the offseason, then it is important that you grow indoors to have success.

Can Blue Dreams Be Grown In Any Climate?

We have heard testimonials from readers that they have had success growing blue dreams in different climates all across the world. We think it is important that you understand that drastic climates will require you to grow the seeds indoors. Blue dreams typically reacts well and is tolerant against weather but only to a certain extent.

where to buy the best blue dream seeds

History of Blue Dream Seeds

It is difficult to know the true history of blue dream seeds as there are many different stories available. But the most common story is that blue dream seeds originated in Santa Cruz, California. This began from a few local surfers reading about the health benefits of cannabis so they decided to combine any cannabis seeds they could find and in the end we ended up with blue dream seeds.

Description and Properties of Blue Dream Seeds

It can be difficult for individuals to grow a strain that they don’t know about. That is why it is important to have a complete understanding of Blue Dream as a strain as well as read our guide for how to grow Blue Dream seeds. Below are a few of the important description and properties of Blue Dream that is important to understand before you start growing.

Appearance of Blue Dream

The Blue Dream strain has a very unique appearance when compared to other cannabis strains. Blue Dream Seeds are known for producing a cannabis crop that has incredibly lush and full leaves, as well as a beautiful flower structure.

Blue Dream flowers are known for their combination of pale green coloring as well as their bright orange pistils thats sprout out across the bud. These two unique colors together are the best way to identify the Blue Dream strain.

Cannabinoids Found In Blue Dream Seeds

Cannabis strains come in a wide range of different Cannaboid makeups. This means some strains have a higher percentage of THC compared to others. And other strains have a larger percentage of CBD. When Blue Dream is analyzed with lab testing we are able to see that is more dominant in THC percentage. The average Blue Dream strain has a THC percentage that ranges from 15% to 24%, but most Blue Dream seeds will result in an average THC percentage of 20%.

Effects of Blue Dream

As Blue Dream is a THC dominant strain, the effects it provides are typically known to be relaxing, calming, and can provide a boost to creativity. Blue Dream has a high average THC percentage which is perfect for individuals who are looking for a strain that will help them relax and improve their creativity levels.

Medical Properties of Blue Dream

Blue Dream seeds were orginially designed specifically for use as medical marijuana because of their high THC percentage, they are great for relaxation, pain management, anxiety, inflammation, and mental health. This makes it great for medical use and because of its health benefits, it quickly transcended to the recreational use.

Thanks to these health benefits and medical properties, buying and growing Blue Dream seeds have exploded in popularity in recent years.

Pros/Cons of Growing Blue Dream Seeds

Growing Blue Dream seed has become incredibly popular over the past few years because of the positive effects it provides but also for many other reasons. In this section we will be talking about the pros and cons of growing Blue Dream seeds.

Pros of Growing Blue Dream Seeds

Buying Blue Dream seeds is an easy process and growing comes with a wide variety of different benefits. Below are some of the most important benefits of growing Blue Dream seeds.

  • Blue Dream seeds are easy to grow for beginners as well as experience growers.
  • The Blue Dream strain is known for its high THC percentage as well its many other health properties.
  • Buying Blue Dream seeds is incredibly affordable as well as the process is very easy because of online seed banks.
  • The seeds are resistant to mold and seems to succeed in growing in many different climates.
  • Blue Dream seeds are known for its medical benefits as well as for recreational benefits.

Cons of Growing Blue Dream Seeds

It can be difficult to find many cons for growing Blue Dream seeds because of how much we love the strain. Below are a few cons that we have seen customers report about buying Blue Dream seeds.

  • Blue Dream seeds is one of the newer strains which can make it difficult to find the seeds from every online seed bank.
  • If you aren’t prepared, Blue Dream can be susceptible to certain things such as spider mites. But this can be controlled if you are prepared.

Final Thoughts on Buying Blue Dream Seeds

Buying Blue Dream seeds can be great choice for individuals who want an easy grow and a strain that will provide them with great relaxation properties. Growing Blue Dream seeds is typically a great experience for beginners as well as experienced growers. To learn more about about growing cannabis we highly recommend reading our most recent blog articles.

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