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Jared Garner

I have loved cannabis, growing, CBD, and the entire industry for the past 40 years. That is why I started Kind Seeds to spread my experience as a dispensary owner and share my passion of cannabis to the world! I will use my years of experience to help your learn how to grow bigger buds, find the perfect equipment for your next grow, learn more about respectable companies in the industry, and everything in between!

Recommended Seed Banks

There are hundreds of different seed banks online, learn which brands are trustworthy and offer the highest quality cannabis seeds!

Best Autoflower Seed Bank

Best Autoflower Seed Bank

Autoflower strains are incredibly popular in the cannabis growing industry because of how easy they are to grow, how efficiently they flower, and the overall

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Seeds For Your Location

Seeds and strains will grow better in specific climates and locations. Learn about our recommended cannabis seeds for your climate type and location!

How To Buy Cannabis Seeds

Learn about the best ways to buy cannabis seeds online to receive high quality seeds, stay secure, and have an easy shopping experience!